Journal Entry, 9/6/2018


The Shadow Man

There’s a shadow man

he lives in the shadows

appears; disappears

you don’t know where he is

then suddenly, silently, he’s there

and pulls you in.


You can’t get out

like in a nightmare when you try to wake up

you try really hard

but you can’t.


And no one comes to save you

because they haven’t noticed you’re gone.

No one misses you

you just disappear.

And when they think they see you

it’s not you at all

because you are gone and only a shadow remains.





The Shadow Self

Artwork by Rita Loyd

The Shadow Self

There is nothing outside of me to be afraid of any more – it is inside of me.

But if it is inside me –

I can control it.  If it is inside me –

I can repair it.  If it is inside me –

I can console it!

I can be safe

I can create safe

I can live safe

I can!